Wallethub's foodie city list snubs NYC, ranks it at #20

If you ask any New Yorker, the city is the food capital of the universe. 

The city’s flavored prestige though was snubbed by Wallethub’s newly released list of foodie cities.

New York didn’t crack the top 5, the top ten, and barely made the top 20 ranked #20 on the list. 

NYC was beaten out by cities like Portland, Sacramento, Miami, and San Francisco, and Orlando was ranked Wallethub’s most foodie-friendly city in the country.

Longtime foodie and host of the Special Sauce podcast, Ed Levine can’t believe it.


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The term foodie they used when crafting the list isn’t synonymous with fine dining and gourmet restaurants. 

The heart of the term is rooted in flavor…that you can find at food trucks, grocery stores …often in your own kitchen.

One of the key indicators was affordability.

"The criteria they used were ridiculous the number of food trucks per capita, the price grocery," said Levine. 

But with certain criteria, you can, apparently. 

"The experts they asked were like hospitality professors or nutrition professors. They didn’t ask eaters like me. I started serious eats, so I’m a serious eater," Levine added.