Volunteers on lookout for speeding cars in Menomonie, Wis.

Fed up with people speeding in your neighborhood? If you live in Menomonie, Wisconsin, there’s a new effort you can be a part of to get drivers to slow down. 

The Menomonie Police Department recently introduced a new program inviting citizens to help identify speeding vehicles and report them to the police.

The program is called “Traffic Tamers.” After completing training with the police department, volunteers can check out radar units to conduct their own speed watches in their neighborhood.

The volunteers, called “tamers,” work in pairs. One runs the radar unit to record the speed of the vehicle, while the other takes down the vehicle’s information. The information is turned over to a Menomonie Police Department crime prevention specialist, who then sends a letter to the driver reminding them of the speed limit  and letting them know they were observed speeding. 

Citizens interested in becoming part of the Traffic Tamers program can contact the Menomonie Police Department at 715-231-8504 or longb@menomonie-wi.gov.