Visually impaired NYC woman retires from helping others for 54 years

Anything you can do, Rosemarie Romano can do just the same.

"I don't want to be blind Rosemarie, I want to be Rosemarie who happens to be blind," Roman, 79, said. She was born visually impaired and has been teaching at Helen Keller Services for the Blind in Downtown Brooklyn for 54 years. Romano teaches her students to use computers and read braille. She prides herself on dressing sharp and is famous around the office for forgetting her cane.

Romano leads by example, showing her students life can still be beautiful without sight, but her lessons are coming to a close, she is retiring at the end of April.

Romano promises her colleagues she will come back on special occasions. She said she hopes the way she has lived her life resonates with others.

"I can be like you, with the same likes, dislikes, annoyances and all the rest of it, because just because you have a disability doesn't mean you're not a person."