Video shows Trump look-alike being stabbed in Central Park play

Startling video from New York City’s latest "Shakespeare in the Park" production shows a character that resembles President Trump being brutally stabbed to death.

William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," which will be performed throughout the summer in Central Park, is causing a stir among audiences due to its apparent inspiration from the Trump administration.

Footage from Tuesday evening's performance shows Caesar wearing a suit and tie. His wife, Calpurnia, bears a striking resemblance to First Lady Melania Trump.

There are other similarities to Trump, such as his dynamic hand gestures, as well as his constant tweeting, which he does from a bathtub.

Director Oskar Eustis told Playbill: "I decided to open our summer season with Julius Caesar as of November 9, 2016,” the day after Election Day.

“Julius Caesar can be read as a warning parable to those who try to fight for democracy by undemocratic means," Eustis said in a statement on the play’s website. "To fight the tyrant does not mean imitating him."

The play's climax comes with Caesar's stabbing death at the hands of his best friend, Brutus, and the performance does not hold back on the violence, as shown in the video obtained by Inside Edition.

Julius Caesar is being performed by the Public Theater in New York City as part of its annual, free "Shakespeare in the Park" series.