Video of Israel festival reminds survivor of how 'close she was to death'

Haunting video shows Hamas terrorists indiscriminately firing into a row of portable toilets at the infamous musical festival in Israel, where more than 250 concertgoers were murdered last week.

Natalie Sanandaji feels numb. Watching the video reminds her of just how close she was to death.

"There are so many stories of people who died because the terrorists found them and there wasn’t anywhere to run," she said. 

She took the advice of security guards many of whom she says were murdered, and the Great Neck, Long Island native ran for her life.


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"Hearing gunshots and not understanding which way is safe and later finding out nothing was safe, they were closing in on us from every direction," she said.

The 28-year-old was in Israel for a wedding and went to the rave with a group of friends. None of them thought the first sounds of rockets would have meant war.

Rockets turned into gunfire and the group quickly realized the unprecedented attack was anything but normal.

"As a Jew growing up in America and learning about the holocaust, I couldn't understand how so many people stood by and watched it happen," she said. "Sadly I get it because it’s happening again."


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Natalie considers herself one of the lucky ones to have survived. She lost count of how many of her friends were murdered and are still missing. 

She vows to keep the memory of those lost alive and keep the attention on those held hostage.