VIDEO: CC Sabathia, hecklers get in verbal fight

We don't know what hecklers outside a Toronto nightclub said to Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia over the weekend, but it was enough to get him worked up and ready to fight.

Video posted online by TMZ Sports shows friends holding Sabathia back and getting him into a car before the altercation turned physical.

The pitcher didn't throw any punches, but he acknowledged to reporters that he made a bad decision by responding to the hecklers at all.

"I just flipped out, you know," he told the Daily News. "I could have handled it better. I think I was definitely lucky the other night, though, that I had friends to push me in a cab and cared enough about me to get me out of that situation."

Sabathia said the hardest part will be explaining his behavior to his 12-year-old son.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi didn't comment specifically on the incident but says he always advises his players to be on their best behavior.