Video captures lightning strike Strat Tower during Vegas thunderstorm

On July 25, the Strat tower was struck by lightning as severe thunderstorms swept the city in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

According to local reports, the Strat is built to withstand lightning, equipped with several rods "that isolate strikes and ground them." The rods make it so that there is no threat to the building or its guests.

The Strat is a hotel that includes numerous attractions. It’s home to a casino, lounges, several restaurants and thrill rides. The rides allow visitors to take in the sights of the Vegas strip while being at the top of the hotel.

The building stands at 1,149 feet and this isn’t the first time it's been struck. The Strat also employs an early detection system that detects all lightning strikes within an 18-mile radius of the building. If lightning strikes within that area, all rides are shut down and everyone is brought inside.

Vanessa Gamino was staying in the nearby Sahara Las Vegas Hotel & Casino when she captured a lightning bolt strike at the tower.