USPS service performance report Q2 2024: Where does NY rank?

A USPS logo is seen on a mailbox on February 24, 2021, in New York City. (Photo by John Smith/VIEWpress via Getty Images)

The United States Postal Service has released its service performance report for the 2nd quarter of 2024, and guess where New York stands?

New York is in the top 10 for best mail service, USPS said.

The service report shows the best and worst states and districts for USPS mail delivery. All the districts/states in the top 10 received scores between 91 and 94.

New York's score was 92.60.

The scores are based on First Class Single Piece mail arriving on time with a two-day service standard. The national average score is 86.8, while USPS's target score is 93.

Apparently, residents of California enjoy excellent mail service. Out of the top 10 mail delivery districts for USPS, three are in California. One is located in Pennsylvania, one in New York, two in Florida, one in Texas, and one in Hawaii, which only has one district.

Georgia has the lowest score of 63.70.

The slow mail issue in Georgia, particularly in the metro Atlanta area, has been a significant problem due to the consolidation of multiple mail processing facilities into a single new facility in Palmetto. This consolidation, part of the USPS's "Delivering for America" plan aimed at modernizing operations and reducing costs, caused widespread delays and service disruptions.

FOX 5 Atlanta contributed to this report.