Upper East Side residents fed up with dog poop problem

The Upper East Side is known for its glamorous townhouses and generational wealth. And more recently, it's surplus of sidewalk dog poop.

"The streets are extra messy lately," one resident told FOX 5 NY.

The area's city council member, Julie Menin, hopes 250 aluminum signs will help drive home the message to clean up your dog's mess. 

"People need to have the common courtesy to curb their dog, and that's really not happening," Menin said. 

‘Curb your dog’ signs came down from city street signs in 2013. Since then, more millennials have opted for canines over kids, and lots of people soothed their pandemic-induced loneliness with pooches. But it seems the plethora of dogs in the city doesn't come with personal responsibility.

"There are too many slobs in this city, unfortunately," a UES resident told FOX 5.

"You can see the people when they leave it there, that they don't even care," said another.

Upper East Siders say this isn't just about the sight of scat, or the smell. Picking up your dog's poop is about health. The fecal bacteria spreads disease on your shoes, in your house, and to your dog.

The New York City Council is considering a law that would require the Department of Sanitation to provide dog bag dispensers throughout the city at a cost to the taxpayer.

But until then, keep an eye out for the signs reminding you, it’s your job to pick up your dog’s doo. And if that doesn't work, remember your neighbors are New Yorkers.