University says Richard Spencer check bounced

Before white nationalist and self-described leader of the alt-right movement Richard Spencer delivered a speech at the University of Florida on Oct. 19, a check paid to the school by Spencer bounced, the university says.

A check for the amount of $10,564 was paid by Spencer's organization, NPI, to the university, in order to reserve the Phillips Center.   The information was revealed on Thursday in a batch of emails released by the university.   The check was received on Oct. 10, but the school had to return it due to insufficient funds, even tacking on a $40 fee. 

More than 500 campus police -- the most in the university's history -- were on site during the event, UF President W. Kent Fuchs told Fox News last month. The Florida Highway Patrol also monitored the event, as did police from other college campuses in the state, he said.

Overall, the university spent more than $500,000 to increase security.