Undocumented bakery workers protest termination

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Several protesters who chained themselves to delivery trucks at a Queens bakery were arrested early Friday.

Workers at Tom Cat Bakery were protesting a requirement by the bakery that they prove their immigration status or face termination.

The workers say that in March, Tom Cat officials told them the Department of Homeland Security was investigating the company. 31 workers were told they would be fired within 10 business days if they could not provide new employment documents.

Only about 10 of the workers were able to provide the documentation by Friday's deadline.

"The Trump administration may want us to quietly disappear, but we're not going away silently," said Henry Rivera, a Tom Cat Bakery worker.

The organizers blame President Trump for the situation but the Department of Homeland Security investigation actually began under President Obama's administration.

The workers also say they are dissatisfied with a severance package offered by the bakery.