Uber fires back at de Blasio, taxes allegation

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Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has been feuding with car service Uber, says the company is not paying its fair share of taxes to support infrastructure in New York City.

In a radio interview de Blasio said, "Anyone who has a for-hire vehicle should be paying the appropriate taxes because we have to provide all of the things that make their work possible, the roads and we also have to support the MTA, which is in the interest of all of us, and that happens right now through certain of our taxis but it doesn't happen through Uber."

“That is not true. On a per ride basis, riders are actually paying four times as much in an Uber car because there is a sales tax versus a flat 50 cent tax on the yellow side so riders will pay $2 in tax,” said Uber NYC General Manager Josh Mohrer.

The administration and the car service company have been feuding ever since de Blasio accused the company of hurting New York City. He first planned to limit the number of Uber cars on the streets but after a backlash changed his mind and ordered a four-month study of the company's impact on traffic in the Big Apple.

"In June, Uber—as a company--Uber's drivers generated more in tax than the entire yellow cab industry combined," said Mohrer.

He also pointed out to Good Day New York that each trip has four times as much tax.

As for where the money goes, Mohrer says taxes go to city and state as a blank check.

"It’s not Uber’s decision where the tax money is allocated," said Mohrer.