Uber denies causing congestion

Ride sharing service Uber has released internal data it claims debunks Mayor de Blasio's claims that it is leading to congestion in Manhattan.

Uber statistics that were released Wednesday show that fewer than 4,000 Uber vehicle trips south of 59th St. on an average day and fewer than 2,000 of those trips occur between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

It claims in contrast, there are over 13,400 yellow cabs doing 90% of their trips in Manhattan nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Mayor de Blasio said he wanted a 'data driven approach', when in reality his approach has been to hide the data that shows his policies are flat out wrong," Josh Mohrer, Gernal Manager of Uber New York said in a statement. "For months, we have provided the de Blasio administration with data that shows this exact same trend, yet apparently the Mayor's approach was to hide this data from the public and blame Manhattan's congestion on Uber even when his own facts show the exact opposite."

The New York City Council is set to vote on a proposal to cap the number of Uber vehicles.

Part of the reason behind the legislation is a claim about how Uber contributes to Manhattan's congestion problem. 

Taxi drivers and politicians rallied on City Hall's steps recently. They railed against Uber, saying that it exploits drivers. 

But the bill doesn't look to either protect drivers from said exploitation or customers from supposed runaway surge pricing.