U.S. to send special ops to Syria

President Barack Obama has ordered the deployment of military advisors to Syria in an effort to end the violence there and stop the Islamic State, the White House announced Friday.

Less than 50 U.S. special operations forces will be deployed to northern Syria to work with local Kurdish and Arab ground forces in the fight against militants. They will offer training, advice and some assistance.

The deployment marks the first time U.S. troops will be working openly on the ground in Syria.

"They will not be in a combat mission," White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said. "But they will be equipped to defend themselves if necessary."

One official tells the Associated Press that the U.S. will be sending additional aircraft, including F-15 fighters and A-10s to the Incirlik air base in Turkey.

"There is no military solution in Syria," said Earnest.

With the Associated Press