Two Phoenix men arrested, accused of taking part in international steroids ring

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has busted what they described as a $10 Million steroid ring, and investigators said the drugs were made in Arizona.

Authorities have released the identity of three men in Phoenix who are allegedly connected to the steroids ring. According to officials, their names are 34-year-old Edward Liff, 30-year-old Xzavier Apodaca, and 37-year-old Byron Oliver. Two of them have been arrested, and one remain on the loose.

The lab allegedly operated out of a nondescript business complex near 35th Avenue and Thomas. According to Federal prosecutors, Desert Formulations is allegedly a hidden laboratory for an international steroid ring that operated out of Miami, Florida.

Richard Rodriguez, a 37-year-old man who reportedly owns a popular bodybuilding gym in Miami, is the alleged operator of the ring. Prosecutors allege Rodriguez obtained the ingredients for steroids in China, and the steroids were allegedly manufactured at the lab in Phoenix, before it was shipped to Florida.

The Feds busted Rodriguez at Miami International Airport, where he was reportedly trying to board a flight to Los Angeles. Agents reportedly raided the gym that Rodriguez owned in Miami, and the Feds reportedly drove away with two of Rodriguez's cars.