Twitter accused of deleting tweets slamming United Airlines

Twitter is coming under fire for allegedly deleting tweets critical of United Airlines following Sunday’s controversial incident where a passenger was forcibly removed from a flight.

One user, @Jay_Beecher, says that a number of his United-related tweets were deleted, including one poking fun at the airline over the now-notorious incident. “Within seconds of tweeting I noticed that my tweet had disappeared,” he told Fox News. “After rewriting the same tweet numerous more times, I began to suspect that Twitter was censoring/automatically deleting any slightly critical tweets which contained an @United tag.”

“Twitter's policy is to censor/delete any tweet that may cause harm or incite hatred,” said Beecher, noting that his tweet contained neither. The user added that after tweeting out and demanding that Twitter support provide him with an explanation, his complaint also was quickly deleted.

eecher said that he posted a number of original tweets on the United Airlines controversy, which would normally appear in his primary “Tweets” timeline (in contrast, tweets posted as replies only appear in a user's "Tweets and Replies" timeline). “The second I sent them they disappeared. Then I had to keep posting them and complained to Twitter, until eventually they stopped being deleted,” he said. “It now appears that some may have 'miraculously' reappeared, but not all of them.”