Twenty-seven Pitbulls rescued from home in Riverside

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Credit: Riverside County Animal Services

Twenty-seven Pitbulls were rescued from a Riverside home Wednesday afternoon, but at least 11 dogs were found dead. 

“It was like Silence of the Lambs, it looked like that inside the property,” John Welsh, Riverside County Animal Services, said. 

Video from inside the home shows the filthy conditions the dogs were living in. 

Officers were called to this three acre property on Avocado Lane after a neighbor reported a bad smell. 

“We were stepping over the carcass of a Pitbull and it was just horrible,” Welsh said. “Animals should not be treated in this manner this is a disgrace.”

The dogs that were found alive were malnourished and thirsty. 

Officers with Riverside County Animals Services opened up their own water bottles so the dogs could drink, while other dogs that were took weak to walk on a leash had to be carried out. 

Neighbors said they hadn’t seen anyone at the property for at least a week, but always heard barking. 

“Can you imagine with the heat wave that we are having in the next few days what it would be like for the dogs that survived,” neighbor, Rita Chenoweth, said. “Thank goodness they got in there and was able to save them.” 

Investigators are now trying to track down the man who lives at the home because they believe he’s responsible for the cruelty. He could face multiple felony counts of animal neglect after the case is turned over to the district attorney’s office. 

“There were signs in side the property hanging that this guy whoever he is was probably breeding these dogs for profit at one time,” Welsh said. 

Officers said the rescued dogs friendly, but it will be awhile until they are healthy enough for adoption.

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