Reality show follows reigning Mrs. Universe and her family living abroad

A new reality show is aiming to normalize being Black in international spaces. 

"The Expats International Ingrams" follows the adventures and struggles of Juanita Ingram, her husband and their two children navigating life abroad.

"One day, we were celebrating another family…moving back to America. Frankie Beverly and Maze were playing on the lawn and Beyonce, the kids were running around as well. There were about 35 of us, and I looked up, and there was Windsor Castle," said Juanita. "And I thought to myself this situation that I am in and this lens and this view and this experience has never been seen and this is my reality."

After spending four years in the United Kingdom, Juanita is surprised by her husband, Kynon Ingram II, with the news that the family will be moving again – his time to Singapore in Asia.

Juanita, a corporate attorney turned to stay-at-home wife, felt the experience should be shared.

"There's never been [a] show about ex-pats, period. Let alone Black people living abroad, and this was my reality and my world. So, I knew it was something that was going to be fresh and new, inspirational, and hopefully educational for the audience."

A program suitable for all ages. Yet, tackling complex issues like death, the pandemic and racism.

"You can't outrun racism and where you are, but you won't experience it in the same way," she added. "People will jump when they see you." 

She also says it depends on the country. "So when we were in Taiwan, that was a common thing, but now that we're living in Singapore, it's a very diverse place."

The show takes a fresh approach to TV and transforms the Black narrative.

"I have conflicts with people all the time; I've never thrown a drink or flipped a table. Doesn't mean that it doesn't happen, but Black people are not monolithic, and we even deal with conflict in a very diverse way."

Last fall, she made history after being crowned the first Black "Mrs. Universe," a pageant formed in 2007.

"To me, it's about representation and representation matters."

Season 2 of "The Expats International Ingrams" is now on Amazon Prime. This season, we follow the journey of new expats, navigating love, dating and new cultures.