Turning your pandemic purchase regrets into cash

A lot of us spent more time at home during the pandemic than we ever could've imagined and some of us also spent more money than we ever could've imagined. We asked some New Yorkers if they have any pandemic purchase regrets.

"I bought, actually, two Blackmagic cameras and I regret buying them because I'm not really using them right now," one man told us.

"We went crazy buying toys just to keep [the kids] entertained," Joanne, a mother of three young girls, said. "We have Play-Doh to last for the next six years I think."

"I think it was a sweater that didn't fit right and I still have it in my closet," another woman told us. "I haven't worn it."

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While shoppers shared all different pandemic purchase regrets, consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch suggests taking your guilt and turning it into something positive.

"Can you sell it online? There are a ton of people out there looking for used Pelotons because they are cheaper, so consider that," Woroch said. "There are great places like Offer Up, Facebook Marketplace where you can sell all of these things that you no longer use, especially ahead of the holiday season."

Woroch also said credit card companies will sometimes work with you to make returns, even if it's past the return date.

So take your buyer's remorse and use that energy to try and make some of your money back.