Tufted deer fawn debuts at the Prospect Park Zoo

A tufted deer fawn born at the Prospect Park Zoo has made its public debut, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The male fawn was born on August 2, 2016, to Lucy and Gage. The WCS said that this is Lucy's seventh fawn. He and his family live in the zoo's outdoor Discovery Trail.

"Tufted deer are a small species of Asian deer named for the thick tuft of black hair on top of their head," the WCS said in a statement. "They are closely related to the muntjacs, another group of small deer species exhibited at several WCS parks."

Tufted deer are native to a range that spans central China and northeastern Myanmar.

The Wildlife Conservation Society's mission is to save "wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, education, and inspiring people to value nature," according to its website.

In addition to the Prospect Park Zoo, WCS runs the New York Aquarium, the Queens Zoo, the Central Park Zoo, and then Bronx Zoo, its flagship property.