Tuberculosis confirmed at school in Bronx

PS 112 in the Bronxwood section of the Bronx is an elementary school with about 400 students enrolled. But parents of children enrolled at the school have been very worried ever since the Department of Health confirmed 3 teachers were treated for tuberculosis.

Health officials in New York City say they are working closely with the Department of Education to investigate the TB cases linked to PS 112.

Nearby parents like Luis Gonzales and his 3rd grade son say they hope the victims recover well and “it doesn't last in their system or nothing like that” Gonzales said.

Fewer than 200,000 cases of tuberculosis are reported in the US every year.

The bacterial disease mainly affects the lungs.

Dr. Robert Glatter is an ER physician at Lennox Hill Hospital.

He says while the illness is highly contagious, it requires close contact with people you spend a lot of time with.

"It’s a really hearty bacteria and if it affects you and can make you really sick. Spread to your lungs. joints, spine.. or even your brain” Dr. Glatter said.

Often those exposed don't develop symptoms.

But because these cases all occurred at a school where there are hundreds of children, there is considerably more concern.

The Department of Health plans to offer free onsite testing for students and staff and plans to hold information sessions on campus.