Trump's plea to African Americans

Last week, GOP nominee for president Donald Trump gave speech that has been getting a lot of attention. The question is: did his pitch appeal to black voters and is he serious about gaining their support? The speech happened about 90 miles away from Detroit in a city about 90 percent white. But there in Michigan, Trump spoke to black Americans.

The crowd thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Trump. The candidate offered his take on black life and offered a figurative life raft. The audience, mostly white from my view, loved it.

How do black people feel? I don't really know. I found two black guys, though, and their views are not a surprise to some, cut on political lines.

David Webb, a Republican and Sirius XM Radio host, said he hopes blacks take a good look at the economic policies of Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But Brian Benjamin, a Democrat and political analyst, said he is not buying it. He said Trump's speech was lip service and was actually a plea to educated white woman. According to Benjamin, Trump is at risk of losing that demographic.