Trump supporters on Staten Island say they still support the President

Nearly four years ago we introduced you to Robert Lubelli, a Staten Island business owner who voted for President Trump in 2016. We just caught up with him again as the election approaches… to see if he’s still a supporter.

“What he’s done is absolutely amazing,” said Lubelli. 

He believes President Trump has handled the coronavirus pandemic well, even though critics have slammed Trump for not encouraging the widespread use of masks. Lubelli also feels the President has boosted our economy and will continue to do so.

“Some of the things he has done to create business here in America and keeping it here in America is a tremendous thing and protecting our borders is absolutely one of the most important things that he’s done, and he’s done a great job at that as well,” said Lubelli.

Over in the Huguenot section of the borough, Trump posters decorate many of the lawns. Galena Kisselev also voted for Trump in 2016 says she will again. She strongly aligns with his immigration policies and she is a Russian immigrant herself.

“I came to this country legally and it was a long process and I had a small child and a husband and it was not easy, but there is a law of the land about immigration and how it should be done,” said Kisselev.

Kisselev does acknowledge that the President often acts in a rash manner, but she doesn’t believe it’s his job to serve as a role model.

“It’s important what policies I’m voting on. I’m not looking at him as my moral compass," said Kisselev.

Lubelli and Kisselev are proud to vote Trump in this upcoming election and they hope the next four years will be just like the last four.

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