Trump-Pence logo ridiculed as sexual

The official logo for the Donald Trump-Mike Pence presidential-ticket shows a blue "T" for Trump passing through the negative space in the top loop of a blue "P" for Pence beside some red and white horizontal blocks.

Looking for symbolism, some saw an American flag. But most of the internet stared at the Trump-Pence campaign logo and identified something more phallic.

Rivington Design House creative director and owner Brion Isaacs found this T-P penetration unremarkable. Isaacs pulled up dozens of suggested trump logos online he liked better than the one the campaign chose, which Isaacs thought evoked graphic designs of the 1980s.

The presidency already has a logo -- and it's pretty awesome. So why during a day crammed with real world-changing news the Internet hummed with discussion of the T in the P remained as inexplicable as everything else that's happened so far this year.