Trump hopeful as interviews continue for new FBI director

President Trump delivered his first commencement speech as Commander in Chief, speaking to graduates at Liberty University.

It comes as the search intensifies to replace fired FBI Chief James Comey.

Several candidates were interviewed to see who will take over the reins. It was a packed day of interviews for the next FBI director. President Donald Trump is considering more than a dozen candidates- including several lawmakers, attorneys, and law enforcement officials.

"Almost all of them are very well-known; they've been vetted over their lifetime, essentially. But very well-known, highly respected, really talented people and that's what we want for the FBI," said Trump.

Several candidates were interviewed on Saturday, including New York Court of Appeals Associate Judge and former prosecutor Michael Garcia.

Former director James Comey was abruptly fired on Tuesday. Since then, a lot of controversy has surrounded the president’s decision.  Democrats called for a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged Russian ties to the president's 2016 election campaign.

"The truth is the dismissal of Director Comey is part of a much longer pattern of this administration's interfering with or removing the people who are in a position to conduct an independent investigation of the president and his administration," said Senator Schumer.

"I think the president looked at the situation and made a decision that the president can make," said Paul Ryan.

The Trump Administration is wasting no time in naming Comey’s replacement.  President Trump addressed the press aboard Air Force One Saturday morning, saying they can make a fast decision.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy are conducting the interviews.

Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting one of the candidates also being considered is former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.