Trump, Clinton are unpopular; will voters stay home?

If a new poll is accurate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be the most unpopular candidates for president we've ever had. An AP poll finds that 81 percent of Americans would actually feel afraid if one of them wins the White House.

Poll after poll shows more and more voters disappointed with both Clinton and Trump, so much so they just don't want to vote at all on Election Day.

Most disenfranchised voters from 18-30 -- millennials some who wanted Bernie Sanders feel now they have no good choice.

Political strategists say Trump and Clinton might be the least likeable front runners in recent modern history.

Even former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says he can't bring himself to vote on Election Day.

If you think the race is too negative, brace yourself.

And just because you don't like the top of the ticket political analysts say you should still vote because of the local and state races. The results of some of those Senate races could shift the very balance of power in Washington.