True Islam movement seeks to inform non-Muslims

Something called the True Islam campaign is inviting strangers in to learn more about the religion. The movement was sparked by controversy over the president's travel restrictions.

I met Salaam Bhatti at JFK Airport last week. He was one of the volunteer lawyers helping travelers. He invited me to his place of worship to learn more about his faith.

Islam is a religion that has worked so hard to improve its reputation and remove barriers. The president's executive order banning travelers and immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries has done something they couldn't do alone. Pew Research says 63 percent of Americans have not met a Muslim.

It's that fundamental lack of understanding that prompted the True Islam Campaign. It lives inside more than 70 mosques and at coffee shops. It is a space where you, I, anybody can come and ask questions about Islam. Common questions include "Why is terrorism so prevalent?" or "What are the role of woman?"

If you're interested in getting more info you can go to for more information. It is all about challenging some of those preconceived notions and replacing ignorance with the facts.