Trio with weapons cache was on "rescue mission"

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Three people arrested after Port Authority police found a weapons cache inside their vehicle at the Holland Tunnel are due in court Wednesday.

Police pulled over the driver of a brightly colored truck at about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River crossing for a cracked windshield.

A search of the vehicle, which had the name of a gun range on it, turned up loaded handguns and rifles, ballistic vests, and knives sources told FOX 5 NY. 

Cops took John Cramsey, 50, and Dean Smith, 53, both of Zionsville, Pa., and Kimberly Arendt, 29, of Lehighton, Pa., into custody. They face various charges of illegal possession of guns and ammunition. 

The Joint Terrorism Task Force joined the investigation, but the Port Authority said it believes the arrests were not terror-related.

The trio were apparently heading to Brooklyn to "rescue" a teenage girl involved with drugs, the AP reported. Four months ago, Cramsey's 20-year-old daughter died from a heroin overdose. Since then, he has spoken out about the opioid crisis, The Morning Call reported.

The Holland Tunnel connects Jersey City in New Jersey and lower Manhattan in New York City.