Toddler’s infectious laugh during ABC's lesson with dad goes viral: 'Is he laughing with me or at me'

Children learn through play and this 1-year-old had the perfect playmate to teach him the alphabet.

An adorable video posted to Instagram by Pedro Moore, shows his son Winston endlessly giggling as he tries to teach him the letters “M” and “W.”

Something about those two alphabets resonated with the little guy, because each flip of the cutout letter was received by some serious belly laughs.

Since being posted, the video has received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising the dynamic duo. Some people are calling Pedro ‘super daddy’ for his awesome connection and power over Winston.

One thing is for sure, the best lessons are the ones that bring laughter, and who better to learn and laugh with than with dad. 

And in case you want another dose of the happy baby, Winston has an Instagram page you can follow.