Toddler burned alive in oven

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A one-year-old girl was burned alive inside an oven inside a Houston home.

Police say they found the toddler dead when they arrived at J'Zyra Thompson's home.

The grandmother says she's trying to figure out why her grandkids were left home alone and she's confused how her youngest grandbaby was burned to death.

The 19-month-old girl was home with her three older siblings.  Two of them are 3-year-olds and the other is 5-years-old.

Neighbors say it's not uncommon to see the toddler and her siblings unsupervised.  Officers say the mother told them she was at work during the accident.

"It appears to be accidental," said Houston Police Department Officer Rhonda Pemberton.

Police say no arrests or charges are pending at this time.