Toddler beaten by dad on Father's Day in coma: NYPD

A 16-month-old girl who was visiting her father in Coney Island, Brooklyn, on Father's Day is in a coma after he savagely beat the child, said the NYPD.

Shaquan Taylor, 19, denies the vicious assault. He told police the the girl first fell from a couch and later said she fell from the toilet, according to the NY Daily News.

Nylaha Lewis suffered bleeding on the brain, multiple skull fractures and bruising on her face, legs and other parts of her body. She is being treated at Maimonides Medical Center.


Police sources told the NY Daily News that Taylor sent the child's mother a Facebook message telling her to pick up the girl. When the mother arrived, she found Nylaha face up on the couch and struggling to breath.

As Lewis left with the child, Taylor allegedly knocked her to the ground and gave the child to a friend who handed her to responding EMTs. Taylor then reportedly assaulted Lewis.

Responding officers arrested Taylor. He has been charged with assault.