Tips sought after burned cat is found in Arlington

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The Humane Society of North Texas is asking the public for information on a cat that was found severely burned.

A woman found the cat, a tabby that has been named Blossom, roaming an apartment complex in Arlington, near AT&T Stadium and Six Flags Over Texas, according to a spokesperson for the HSNT.

The woman brought 5-month-old Blossom to Humane Society officials, who took the cat into their care.

A veterinarian determined that Blossom’s third degree burns to her face and ears were caused by someone who was torturing the animal, likely by using a lighter or blowtorch.
The vet removed dead tissue from the top of Blossom’s ears to help her heal and says that with medical care, Blossom has a good prognosis. When she heals, officials will help find her a home.

HSNT is asking that anyone with tips about Blossom or the person who may have harmed her contacts the organization’s Investigations Department at (817) 332-4768x113 or at

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