Tips from Delta CEO to navigating air travel during holidays

The busiest Thanksgiving holiday EVER for air travel is only days away.

Industry experts say an estimated 30.6 million passengers will board a U.S. airlines flight during the 12-day period around Thanksgiving beginning Nov. 25.

FOX 5 NY morning program 'Good Day New York' talked with the CEO of Delta Airlines about what he calls the "superbowl" of the airline industry.

Ed Bastian says his company is ready for the upcoming holiday season. He shared tips with helping passengers navigate the holidays and get to their destinations in time and with their sanity intact.

1. Make sure to register with CLEAR which uses biometrics - your eyes and fingertips - to confirm your identity.

"It takes you back to pre-911 days in getting through security."

2.  Make sure you have the Fly Delta app (or, presumably, the app you need for the airline your flying).

The FLY Delta app includes a LIVE chat feature and a security que status update in real-time.

3. As for ticket prices and snagging the best fares, Bastian said prices are always changing.

"Fares have come down to prices people can afford."

Delta, which occupies half of LaGuardia Airport, is investing $4 million into the airport's $8 billion overhaul where its first remodeled concourse, concourse C, has already opened.