Times Square topless women, costumed characters to be regulated

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The costumed characters and painted ladies of Times Square won't have to leave, but they're getting some company. They'll be joined by dozens of additional police officers as part of an effort to limit how the performers interact with the public.

Mickey, Elmo, even a country western singing cowboy. Throw in a couple topless woman and some bright lights and it's a party. Welcome to Time Square. The typical cast of characters has made Time Square, well, a challenge.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the women and the characters have legal protection but that more regulation is likely.

Leaders of a special task force appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio charged with addressing the issues say they have an idea that would create restricted zones where activity could be regulated. The plan calls for three zones: one for pedestrians, one for sitting, and another for a mixture of activities.