TikTok's 'bold glamour' filter has the internet divided

A new beauty filter is going viral on TikTok, and it's causing a frenzy. 

Since its launch, the "bold glamour" filter is all anyone on the app is talking about.

With over 16 million videos, and hundreds of millions of hashtags used, the filter is viral for several reasons.

The bold glamour filter aggregates features that are conventionally flattering. The result: a perfectly symmetrical face, a chiseled jaw line and even whiter teeth. It is so dramatic that some people want to enhance their face to resemble the filter.

Tiktok's new beauty filter is causing controversy

Dr. Monica Kieu, a facial plastic surgeon says that patients are bringing in their filtered photos to use as a blueprint for their cosmetic enhancements. 

Critics also say the filter is setting unrealistic standards of beauty for young girls. Some even say, they create a sense of false advertising, be it on a dating app or in an influencer’s makeup campaign.

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