Thousands gather to Jones Beach for Bethpage Air Show

As we remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day weekend, military pride was on full display at the annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach.

Thousands packed Jones Beach for the 14th annual Bethpage Air Show.

“This is my first time, and I wanted to see the air show and see what kind of planes they have I’m always fascinated by the airplanes,” said Air show pilot, Jim Record.

Military planes of all types zoomed across the beach in tight formations.

“You have people that are here but there are equal or number of people along the roads and Farmingdale Airport and Islip Airport just along the roads. They just stop and look up there,” said Record.

Last year, the weekend air show drew over 450,000 people officials hoping the turn out will be the same this year. Extra security was in place so that everyone in attendance can feel safe.

Many military veterans gathered for the event sharing with their stories.

“I enlisted in the army before getting drafted. I wound up spending seventeen months in Vietnam, and I have two purple,” said veteran John Valentine.

The Stoss family enjoyed their prime real estate seating.

Bob, a former marine, attended the event for the first time with his wife Dotti, their daughter Stacey, and her son Andrew. They shared what Memorial Day means to them, “to remember all the lives that were lost and what the day actually means,” said Stacey.

“We are so safe here because of these men and women you just can't them enough,” said Dotti.