This Charlotte dealership offers a place to park at night, if you're living in your vehicle Maps

A Charlotte dealership is getting results for those who need a helping hand in the community. 

Not only is Kiplin Automotive Group selling cars - they're offering a safe and well-lit place to stay for those who call their vehicle, their home. 

"It’s not news that people are sleeping in their cars at night. Searching for a safe place to park free from disturbance, trespassing, harassment or worse. Homelessness in the city is on the rise. We have been praying and asking God what to do with some extra space we have had for years. Well the answer was clear six years ago but the means was not. We know that some families are struggling and in a tough situation. Yeah, whole families sleeping in the car. You would say but the shelters? They are full guys. We have experienced that first hand," Kiplin Automotive Group shared on Facebook. 

Kiplin Automotive Group, located along Brookshire Blvd., went on to explain in their Facebook post that employees went to pick up a vehicle from a client about six years ago who had stopped paying, only to discover she was sleeping in the car. 

Employees decided instead of taking away her only shelter, they put her in a hotel until she could find a place. At the time, all the shelters in the Charlotte area were completely full, they said. 

"That’s when we asked God why are we here. Six years later we have one piece of the puzzle. We would like to designate a safe place for those going through this tough time. We can’t put everyone in a hotel but we can get you a safe place for the night. Please spread the word that they should check in with us at 3515 Brookshire Blvd," Kiplin Automotive Group wrote. 


Kiplin Automotive Group said those seeking a safe place to park their vehicle to please call James at 704-201-7601. 

"We will provide a safe place to park at night. As this service to the community develops we will look to help these families in other ways but right now a safe place is what we can offer," they said.