Third-grade class goes viral with remix of "Old Town Road"

BIRMINGHAM, AL. (FOX 10) - A third-grade teacher had the best idea to help her students' test anxiety ahead of their state tests, remixing their favorite song! 

Jasmine Merlette, who teaches third grade at Sun Valley Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama, needed to find a way to help calm her students before they took their state tests. 

Merlette told Fox 10 she had nervous students, and the whole class loved the song so she started remixing the lyrics with her students' help.

This was the end result!

Merlette said this was the students' actual energy before taking the test. She says they were all motivated and confident. 

"Most people don't know but the actual video that everybody sees is the energy that we brought in when they went to go take their state test," explained Merlette. 

The video has since gone viral, even getting a reaction from Billy Ray Cyrus. 

Merlette believes that music can really help relieve stress and anxiety as well as build confidence, and that's what she saw in her students.  

"It was like a confidence builder every time we would sing it," said Merlette.

"Can't nobody stop me from learning!"

This story was reported from Phoenix.