The #tinytattoo is latest body ink trend

The latest trend in body art: tiny tattoos. When it comes to body ink, micro tattoos are huge. Search the hashtag #tinytattoo on Instagram and you'll find image after image: hearts, words, geometrical shapes, and more -- some so small you can barely see them.

Tattoo artist Jon Boy of West 4 Tattoo gave Kendall Jenner her tattoo, a small, white dot on her finger. She told Jon Boy that it reminds her of the little things that matter. And even though Jenner's big sister Kim Kardashian has her own thoughts on getting inked, which she made clear on the Wendy Williams show ("Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"), many see the tiny tattoo as an accessory -- one you can show off only if you want to.

Of course, the less ink you get the less pain and the less time it takes. Microtats like Jenner's take as little as 30 seconds, start to finish.