The Shed arts space set to open at Hudson Yards

The Shed is a 200,000-square-foot structure on the West Side of Manhattan where the High Line meets Hudson Yards.

"This is something we love in New York City—a place that has it all," Mayor Bill de Blasio said. "The Shed will have it all: theater, music, dance, film, galleries, performance space. You name it, it will be here."

The Shed was made possible through public and private investments of more than $500 million. This innovative multi-level building came to life through lead architect Elizabeth Diller.

"The Shed comprises of one fixed building with multiple levels of galleries, and a deployable shell that nests on the fixed building," Diller said. "But can also expand, telescope out, into an open space double the footprint."

Artistic director Alex Poots promises a variety of work.

"We commission artists across performance, visual arts. and pop," Poots said. "The idea is that all art forms have parity—all equal. There's no high or low culture. It's equal."

Works have already been commissioned by 52 New York City artists and performers through an open-call program.

Harlem-based Kiyan Williams is one of the selected artists.

"I'm really grateful for the resources that The Shed has provided me and the other artists throughout New York City to engage in a life in which we can realize our visions," Williams said.

Cellist Kelsey Lu will be performing this weekend.

Performances at The Shed start Friday evening. reservations are necessary and can be made online at