The Rockettes show talent and commitment on and off the stage

The Rockettes have been a fixture at Radio City Music Hall for nearly a century. Now, the Christmas Spectacular is in its 86th season and has a brand-new finale.

Their famous choreographed kicks will leave you mesmerized. But these Rockettes, 80 of them in total, are opening up about their skills off the stage.

"I went to college for accounting but I knew I still wanted to dance so after I graduated I moved to New York, saw the Rockettes for the first time, and I thought, 'That is what I'm meant to do,'" said Laura Jakowenko, a fifth-season Rockette who moonlights as an accountant in the off-season.

Ashley Kasunich, in her eighth season as a Rockette, is an intense amateur golfer when she isn't twirling across the stage. In fact, she has found similarities between dancing and hitting the green.

"When we rehearse we learn the steps and go over and over and over again until you feel it in your body," Kasunich said. "You feel what those positions feel like in your body and you can do that every time, just building muscle memory."

Rockette Tiffany Billings shows horses in her free time.

And Rockette Brittany Newnham is a full-time mom to two little boys. Somehow, after performing in as many four shows a day, six days a week, she finds time to do it all.

"I'm a dancer, I'm a mom, I'm a wife, I'm a friend, I'm a sister," Newnham said. "In order to live your life to the fullest, you have to satisfy all those parts of yourself instead of putting yourself into one tiny box."

The Christmas Spectacular runs through Jan. 1, 2019.