'The Nutcracker' with Brooklyn's influence

Seeing The Nutcracker is a holiday tradition for many families. But dancers in Brooklyn are turning that tradition on its toes with a thoroughly modern adaptation.

Brooklyn Ballet founding artistic director Lynn Parkerson says something with that name should reflect what Brooklyn is. Pulling that off takes space, time and human beings. An eclectic cast is coming together here. History reminds us that hasn't always been the case.

She says The Nutcracker is perfect for this because it is a classical ballet that has different national dances in it.

It is a world not always known for diversity. In many ways, that is the story. This production of The Nutcracker at the Irondale Center in Fort Greene showcases different movement styles like hip hop, street, and traditional ballet. There are different skin completions and cultures.

The production is part of a larger effort to expose and support the next generation of ballet dancers and to fully embrace the richness of diversity.