The New School faculty set up encampment inside campus building

Faculty members of The New School have set up a pro-Palestinian encampment in the lobby of the college. It is believed to be the first faculty-led encampment on a university campus in the nation.

Earlier in the day, the NYPD had taken down a pro-Palestinian encampment at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which had been the last one of its kind in the city before faculty at The New School put up their tents.

Police were seen hauling away at least 50 demonstrators on an NYPD corrections bus as their supporters cheered them on from the streets.

Now, Protesters at The New School are calling on the school to divest from arms manufacturers, a boycott of Israel, and for the school to cease the use of police force.

Pro-Palestinian encampments have popped up across the nation in the last few weeks, including at Columbia University, NYU, and Fordham. 


Inside the NYPD's raid on Columbia University: Video

Video shows scores of officers climbing through a window in riot gear, using sledgehammers to get further inside as students barricaded themselves behind furniture.

The NYPD cleared away all of the encampments, with hundreds of students getting arrested. 

On Tuesday, a protest that began at Hunter College attempted to march on the 2024 Met Gala but was turned away by the NYPD. Authorities say 27 people were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.