The fight to keep free curbside parking in NYC

If you thinking parking in Manhattan is difficult now, some residnets say they are worried that when congestion pricing goes into effect next year, it’ll become even worse.

“As you know, south of 60th street there’s going to be a fee. So there’s the fear that more drivers will stop in our neighborhood,” said Howard Yaruss of Community Board 7, located on the Upper West Side. "We're giving away parking for free so it's over-utilized."

Now, some, including Yaruss and former New York Department of Transportation Commissioner Lucius Riccio say that the solution is to start charging for curbside parking. 

“That could raise $100-$200M a year, which could be put to good use for improving transportation for everybody,” Riccio said. 

Of all the major cities in the U.S., New York is the only remaining one that does not have residential street parking permits.