'The Color Purple' on Broadway

Jennifer Hudson belted her way to Oscar gold in Dreamgirls. But The Color Purple has brought her to Broadway. Based on the book and film of the same name, The Color Purple follows the profoundly empowering transformation of Celie, a poor black woman in the 1930s who rose above impossible circumstances.

While this revival is a coming out party for Hudson, it's also launching leading lady Cynthia Erivo into superstardom.

With grace and warmth, this breakout sensation takes us on a journey so deeply moving that the theater audience erupted in not one but two standing ovations.

Orange Is the New Black actress Danielle Brooks adds humor and heart to the already rich production. This is the role she was born to play, and one she shares with Oprah.

Erivo, Hudson and Brooks are powerhouses on their own, but together they divinely complement one another, forming a dynamic trinity Broadway will be buzzing about for years to come.