The Betty White Challenge to mark what would have been her 100th birthday

They call it the Betty White Challenge-- the online movement began trending after the beloved Golden Girl’s death. 

White was known for her wit and charm, but also for her deep love for animals. 

Monday would have been her 100th birthday. People are now using her birthday as a way to give back by donating $5 to local animal shelters and rescues. Among those participating in the challenge is the Animal Care Centers of NYC. The organization already beat its fundraising goal on Facebook. 

"We’ve already surpassed our goal on Facebook. And we’ve gotten several thousands of dollars on our fundraising page. It’s going really well. People really love animals and they want to honor and respect Betty White," said Katy Hansen, Director of Marketing for Animal Care Centers of NYC. 

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The organization said the pandemic took a toll on them. They are suffering from a staffing shortage.

"It’s affecting our workforce. We are short-staffed every day. We are hiring like mad. But like a lot of service industries, we are having a difficult time," says Hansen. 

Hansen added that not many people are adopting or fostering. 

"In the height of the pandemic in 2020, we were getting all the animals out. We were adopting and fostering and nationwide it seems like the shelters are filling up again. They are staying full. We are struggling," said Hansen. 

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The Animal Care Centers of NYC plans on using the money raised to buy bedding, treats, and toys for their animals. They said the Betty White Challenge was about encouraging people to get involved and become aware of the issues shelters and rescues are facing.