The historic Astoria pool closed for $19 million renovation

The nearly 100-year-old Astoria pool will be closed until next summer.

The Astoria park pool is the city's largest and oldest pool.

The olympic-sized pool is currently undergoing a $19 million renovation forcing the pool to close for the entire 2023 summer season.

With what could be one of the hottest summers on record, residents in Astoria, Queens will have to find a different place to cool off.

The concern is whether the pool will remain closed for more than just one season. Richard Khuzami, the President of the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association, compares it to the Flushing Meadows pool that reopened after closing more than three years ago, and says he hopes that won't be the case for Astoria. 

According to the Parks Department, the pool will get a new liner, deck and filtration system. 

The Old Astoria Neighborhood Association is hosting its own virtual meeting next week, to inquire city park representatives about the closure.