"Thank you, Jesus!" Man rocks Jesus Christ costume on Mill Avenue, gives bread to homeless man

On Halloween night, Jesus rose and gave out pieces of bread in lieu of the typical candy in Tempe.

In a viral video, a man was spotted in a Halloween costume as Jesus Christ "floating" on a cloud and passing out pieces of bread to those in need. 

Twitter user @haleybaxter_ shot video of Daniel Graham cruising down Mill Avenue on a Onewheel, or a motorized single wheel skateboard, that was turned into a cloud. He was carrying a loaf of bread and reenacted a scene right out of the Bible, and gave a piece of it to a homeless man who had a sign that read, "Food?"

He responded with a simple, "Thank you, Jesus."

Haley's post blew up overnight with over 36,000 retweets and 95,000 likes and counting.

She asked the public to identify Jesus and eventually Daniel Graham came forward as the floating messiah.