Terrorism as a campaign issue

Terrorism is taking center stage in the presidential campaign. Both candidates on Monday thanked law enforcement and first responders who raced toward blast sites in New York City and New Jersey and captured the suspected bomber.

Hillary Clinton said: "I do want to say how proud I am of our brave first responders who kept us safe after the attacks."

Donald Trump said:  "We caught the evil thug who planted the bombs. Thank you, law enforcement."

Trump and Clinton are using this time to point out how each would lead when it comes to threats at home and abroad.

Clinton said Trump doesn't have the right temperament or even a plan to deal with extremists. She said she is tested and ready: "I have sat at that table in the Situation Room. I've analyzed the threats. I've contributed to actions that have neutralized our enemies. I know how to do this."

Trump pledged that his administration would have no tolerance for terrorists who threaten the United States. He faulted President Obama and Clinton while secretary of state for the growth of ISIS: "She very much caused the problem when you think about it. Her weakness, her ineffectiveness caused the problem."