Teen with rare cancer turns to social media for help finding answers

Queens teenager Brooke Pearson posted a video on her YouTube channel four months ago telling followers she would be taking a break for health reasons. She believed that the numbness in her hands and legs was from anxiety.

But it wasn't. In May, doctors at  Cohen Children's Medical Center diagnosed Brooke with a rare form of cancer. Tumors on her spine had been causing the numbness.

Mark Pearson, Brooke's father, said doctors started treating cancer with chemo and radiation. But Brooke was still not getting better.

So Brooke's dad posted this video on Facebook and Instagram explaining her rare diagnosis and asking people to share it to see if anyone else had information or answers.

In August, Brooke turned 14 and got back posting on her YouTube channel, this time from her hospital bed. In the last few weeks, Brooke's health has deteriorated further.